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We offer a collection of scarves, bags, accessories and seasonal clothing (eg. beach wear) - our aim is a sincere desire to allow women to emphasise their individual personality which led us to establish BELLA BALLOU in 2008.

We are present in more than 10 European markets, including long-term partnerships with key department stores such as Magasin and Illum's Bolighus in the Nordics, El Cortes Ingles, Globus in Switzerland, Arnotts and Fenwick.

We are creative in nature and have worked with design and graphic lines throughout our lives. We apply our Danish strong design ethic to everything we do.

After traveling and living in China for many years, we were fascinated by the amazing process of extracting silk, ranging from the small and insignificant cocoon to the finest silk. This led to creating a unique, personalised and exclusive accessory brand for women of all ages.

We find our inspiration in a wonderful combination of trends in time and the encounter with different cultures on our travels around the world.


Our prints are unique, timeless and never out of fashion, which means that you can use them season on season.

Socks are Oecotex Certified.

Hair Accessories are made of eco-friendly Acetate.

50% of our collection is digitally printed, which is a more sustainable solution to the negative environmental impact of traditional textile manufacturing processes. Smaller quantities of colour are used; typically 10% of the volume used when compared to traditional screen printing.


Our Look Book has the Nordic Swan Ecolabel meaning it meets tough environmental requirements including chemical and energy use and resources. 


We recycle packaging when we ship our products to our customers


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Brand Profile

stock available In Season Ethical No minumum order NOS
Collections P/A
Garments: EU sizing
Accessories: one size
Average Wholesale Price
25-80 EUR
Agent commission: 12.5% Distributor discount: 30%
Collection Size
100 styles per season
Competitive to
Beck Soendergaard, Cordello
Country of Origin