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bellbimbo02744 bellbimbo03147 bellbimbo01315 bellbimbo01947 bellbimbo01844 bellbimbo01225

BellBimbo – is a family company and fashion brand for children and teenagers with own factory in the centre of Europe in Vitebsk – the most creative city in Belarus. CEO Tatiana Kolot created the company in 1997 to make smart clothes for her daughter and her friends.

The brand creates 2 seasonal apparel collections for girls and boys: casual, event, school and outerwear.

Our clothing is fashionable, sharp, bold, but not provocative, with original prints, collages and short semantic slogans – this is the feature of our collection and brand.

We create clothes in a smart casual style, which is suitable for creating every day looks and for going out.

For us every child is unique, so we help kids find their own style and explore their own personality, experiment in design and construction and not forget about the convenience and comfort.

The brand symbol is a bird. Two birds form the heart - the central element of the logo, with the span of their wings. It symbolizes that the brand creates its products with the mother's love for children.


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No minumum order stock available Ethical
Collections P/A
EU 74-164
Average Wholesale Price
Under 25 EUR
Distributor Discount: Max 25%
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Competitive to
Mayoral, Bobboli, Sarabanda, Ido, Name it, Billie Blush, Blue effect, Guess
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