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As a high quality furniture and home decoration brand, we endeavor to develop every piece with an inspiring story behind. Our company always has been dedicated to embracing the skills and pride which went into developing, designing and crafting the original versions of our items. Today, we still remain true to his ethos, while adding contemporary twists which make our pieces fit more pleasingly into modern day surroundings. Expressing an age-old spirit of exploration through highly attractive furnishings and accessories for today’s discerning customers, whilst clearly being characterized by style, leisure and adventure.

The décor in our interior spaces tells the stories of our lives. Reflecting the memories we cherish, the pursuits we enjoy, our family history and all the things that interest or matter to us. With some pieces chosen for their tangible connection, others purely for their aesthetic appeal. At Authentic Models, we combine the two through elegantly handcrafted furniture, objects and ornaments which capture the essence of an era or interest via meaningful and surprising design. Inspired by the adventurous spirit which led to many ingenious creations, our collections celebrate travel, exploration and endeavour. Treading in the footsteps of history while also exploring beyond the beaten track.

To complement the pieces which thoughtfully represent the past, we also create original new designs with a daring contemporary twist. Keeping time honoured backstories alive in all kinds of ways, with character and quality that complements every personal style, to fit in with both modern and traditional settings.


For more than 50 years, Authentic Models has celebrated the adventurous past by recreating historically significant furniture, ornaments and objects in painstaking detail. Founded in the Netherlands in 1968, we are now selling our collections through a worldwide network of dedicated retail partners. Inspired by this adventurous past, we enable a delightful present by creating high quality furniture and decor, bringing the best of both worlds together.

Striving to impress and surprise in everything we do, we deliver designs with stories to tell. Enriching any space from traditional to modern minimalist all over the world. As we enter our second half-century, we find ourselves embarking on our own fresh new journey of discovery, marked with the introduction of a new-look designs that sparkle the mind.


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Brand Profile

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Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
Furniture: € 350 – 3500
Aviation: € 100 – 750
Nautical: € 100 – 700
Car Models: € 150 – 450
Globes: € 70 – 400
Lifestyle: € 100 – 3200
Instruments: € 30 – 2000
Collection Size
30-50 depending on collection
Competitive to
Eichholz, Richmond, Ronfe
Country of Origin