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Alpaca Loca is a young and innovative label, based in Amsterdam.  

The brand offers fair products. Designed in Amsterdam, handmade in the Andes Mountains. The quality products are made of alpaca wool. Wool-weaving communities in the mountains of Ecuador and Peru make the products with a smile on their face. 

Sustainability and the Fairtrade concept are highly valued by Alpaca Loca. Also, the brand wants to show that sustainability does not have to be expensive. 

The brand specializes in luxurious soft scarves and plaids/ throws, with fashion- and home accessories as an addition in the collection. Alpaca wool is naturally very soft and has many advantages to sheep wool or cashmere: 

  • Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic because it contains no lanoline like sheep wool. 
  • It’s a natural product with a softer and stronger structure than cashmere.  

  • The wool does not itch and it is dirt- and water resistant. 

  • The empty fiber isolates better against cold. 

The wool used for Alpaca Loca products comes from alpaca’s in Peru. The brand highly values quality, tradition, integrity and social responsibility. Each sale contributes to improving lives of the wool- weavers and alpaca farmers in the Andes Mountains. They receive a fair income, and the welfare of the animals is respected.  


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25 - 80 EUR
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Shupaca and other cashmere and super wool brands
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