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Eloise x Sunies Dec 2a sunies3 sunsries valen DAN 0676 shared91
sunies3 Eloise x Sunies Dec 2a sunsries valen DAN 0676 shared91

Sunies sandals are made from 77% natural resources ranging from coconut, bamboo to sugar cane fibers mixed with coconut oil and salt. These natural materials ensure that the sandals adapt to your feet, while the insoles made out of EVA foam give them stability and prevent sweating. Sunies are also 100% recyclable – all you need to do is send us the shoes and we will recycle them for you.  

Our rich palette of colors and 3 different designs (more is to come!) related to nature (Sea&Ocean, Hawaii flowers and Butterfly) represent our excitement about everything to do with nature, elegance and feminine flair. Sunies sandals were designed in Austria, Vienna in a 3D program and produced in Brazil. It’s not only our shoes that are international. We have patent and design protection for all our collection worldwide registered in Austria.   

Our material and design are uniqueand the fact that you can wear Sunies all day for all occasions. 


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Brand Profile

Ethical In Season NOS
Collections P/A
1 in 2020, 5 new collections + kids in 2021
EU sizing: 36-42
Average Wholesale Price
Women: 25-27 EUR / 21-24 GBP / 37-40 CAD / 39-42 AUD / 3260-3520 JPY
Kids: 20-25 EUR/ 17-21 GBP / 30-37 CAD / 32-39 AUD / 2.600-3260 JPY
Agent Commission: 15% (negotiable); Distributor Discount: 30% (negotiable)
Collection Size
3 models in 16 color variations
Competitive to
Melissa, Crocs
Country of Origin