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The belts from Eagle Agencies are characterized by a combination of strong materials, natural structures and a raw edge. The result? A solid belt collection, specially selected for independent men who have an eye for detail. Those who are curious, spread their wings and go out into the world: Urban Nomads.

Eagle Belts is a belt label that works with a strong men's collection. All our belts are made from 100% genuine leather and all have a nickel-free buckle. Our complete collection is NOS and therefore always directly available from stock. We buy our leather directly from the tannery in Italy from where it is transported to our production in Croatia. Because we communicate directly with the entire chain, we are able to exercise proper control over delivery times and quality, making us a reliable partner.

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Brand Profile

NOS All Year Sales
Collections P/A
One timeless collection
115, 105, 95 - some articles also available in size 85
Average Wholesale Price
EUR 10 – 12.5
Agent commission: 15%, Distributor discount: 30%
Collection Size
44 styles
Competitive to
Suchard & Friese, Lindemann
Country of Origin