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DSC09416 EFT Winter byEB 43 EFT Winter byEB 64 DSC04978 EFT Winter byEB 55 DSC09033

The 7SQR collection was created in 2018 by the designers and sales team of European Fashion Team. We launched a new kind of suit, the D-suit, also called the different suit. The D-suit is a knitted, 24/7 wearable, comfortable and mixed suit which is totally different from the normal woven suit. As this suit can be worn in a different way 7SQR has developed shirts, sweats, t-shirts and outerwear jackets to compliment and complete the collection. This collection is fresh and technical in Scandinavian styles made in warm Italian fabrics combining chic with casual.


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Brand Profile

Collections P/A
EU sizing:
suits and jackets: 46/58 98/106
shirts: 37/38 39/40 40/41 /42/43
coats and knitwear: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Average Wholesale Price
Jackets € 75 – 105
Suits € 130 - € 145
Pants € 37 - € 60
Knits/Shirts € 30 - € 49
Coats € 75 - 115
Agent commission: 12.5%
Collection Size
75 articles
Competitive to
Combination of Circolo 1901 and DRYKORN at a more affordable price
Country of Origin