Kaymans Apparel Ltd. is behind the House of Cavani brand from Birmingham UK which is owned by the Mondair family of English entrepreneurs.

House of Cavani is a full-service providerThe brand comes from business / wedding wear, but now also has casual wear in its range, which is being expanded further. In addition to suits, shirts and shoes as well as accessories, the brand also offers chinos, casual shirts, knitwear, jeans and sweats, as well as jackets. The style is British, with a hint of Italian, but has a broad market claim with fashionable highlights.

The cuts are available as regular and slim fit. The history of the brand can also be read from the program: 60% of the items are business/wedding wear, 30% are shoes and 10% are casual wear and accessories.
As weddings are set to be a major part of 2021 and the foreseeable future, House of Cavani offers a full wedding package with matching boys suits at very attractive price points. House of Cavani  operate on a stock house basis & hold in excess of £8 million of stock within their 65,000 sqft HQ in Birmingham UK.