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Strongly linked to the digital world and to its social media channels, Ziggit is a new concept brand in fashion accessories. It is the only brand making pins with letters, numbers, symbols and emojis to let people express themselves the same way the do online. Ziggit shifts the conversation from keyboards to clothes with pins that do not pierce or damage fabrics thanks to their patented technology.

The philosophy behind Ziggit is that fashion is self-expression. What people wear is a statement of their individuality. Everyone has something different to share. With Ziggit they can share it not only online, but when going out too, on clothes, shoes, bags.  People can choose the accessory they prefer from the product offer or they can create their own picking the style, choosing color and adding “Zicons”.

The brand wants to expand its clients’ base and to bring its concept outside of North America. It is looking for the right partners in Europe and Asia starting with UK and Japan.



“Shift the conversation from your keyboard to your style!”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
1 major collection every 18 months, up to 4 mini-collections every year
Average Wholesale Price
Metal: £2 / ¥ 305
Plastic: £1 / ¥ 153
distributor discount 25% (negotiable)
Collection Size
Year 1: we released in 3 styles: Originals (78 pieces), Holographic (6 pieces - limited edition), Squad (5 pieces), and Boho (5 pieces). Year 2: we released in 3 styles: Festival (7 pieces) and Wedding (5 pieces) and in plastic the Fly Collection (89 piec
Country of Origin