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The Seoul-­­based Ul:kin has an original approach to fashion. The brand’s philosophy is to ‘reduce the gap between art and the public, through fashion. Inspired by works of artists, Ul:kin sets the trends. The brand offers unisex casual clothing and one-of-a-kind upcycling bags made with thrown away paintings. This is the signature product of Ul:kin.

The ‘Ul:kin Collection’ label offers a high-end fashion forward casual wear, Inspired on a different social issue for each season. The ‘Upcycling’ line, instead, is the signature label of the brand, made with real artwork, so that every piece is one of a kind. Part of the profit is given to the artist as a gesture of gratitude.

Ul:kin, that counts with 35 stockists around the world (from Korea, to Australia to France) is now ready to enter the UK.


Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Apparel: S, M, L
Average Wholesale Price
Bags: £ 70 ; Apparel: £ 130
Agent commission: 12%-15%; Distributor discount: 25%-30%
Collection Size
Bags: 15 pieces ; Apparel: 40 pieces
Competitive to
Ambush, Études, MSGM
Country of Origin
South Korea