Founded in 2011 in Seoul, Tibaeg is a fashion forward womenswear brand characterized by sophisticated colours and a strong contemporary design, all created in-house.

The Designer, Euane Cho, launched her own brand after 8 years’ experience in major commercial Korean brands. The overseas expansion started in 2015, and the brand now counts with several stockists all over the world.

Tibaeg regularly shows in Paris - as well as in Seoul - and boasts a number of international collaborations such as the “Tibaeg X Disney” capsule collection and the pop-up store at Colette in Paris.



“We are proud of our Korean origins and influence”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
T-shirts and Tops: €30 - €90
Bottoms: €60 - €95
Dresses: €75 - €150
Outer: €100 - €150
Collection Size
About 50 articles
Competitive to
Mother of pearl
Country of Origin
South Korea