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Born in the heart of Basque County, Skunkfunk offers ethical fashion to women.  Fabrics are sustainable; fibers are natural; cotton is organic. Sustainability is also integrated into all processes that go into Skunkfunk garments, from the collection of the raw materials to transport. Garments are priced at the middle of the market and aimed to the cosmopolitan woman. 

All prints and patterns featured by this brand are original and all collections are developed in-house. This considered and complete approach has been very successful, with 27 Skunkfunk shops in 7 countries and sales in 38 countries across the globe. Skunkfunk exhibits regularly at fashion fairs all over the world. The brand is currently seeking representation in Mexico.


“Greener fashion from a little green country ”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
34 - 44
Average Wholesale Price
Dresses: $648 MXN
Bags: $402 MXN
T-Shirts: $268 MXN
Jackets: $894 MXN
10 – 15% agent; 30 – 35% distributor
Collection Size
Competitive to
Armedangels, Desigual, Sessun, Molly Bracken, King Louie
Country of Origin