Silis is a fresh and affordable bangles brand born from the designer’s vision of best things in life: “crazy, fun, happiness and love”. Founded in 2012, Silis grew up very quickly thanks to its fashionable yet accessible designs, inspired from the latest trends.

In 2015, the founder Karen was joined by Nathalie. The two ambitious entrepreneurs and fashionistas decided to move Silis up to an international level. Also, in the same year the ‘Young Silis’ and ‘Mr Silis’ collections were launched, dedicated to kids and men respectively. In April 2017, the official webstore was launched for an easier and more accessible shopping experience to customers; one month later the B2B website was online as well, dedicated to professionals only.

Today, Silis collections are available in more than 600 retailers worldwide. Two collections are released per year (AW and SS), each made of about 50-60 pieces. Both forward and in-seson selling methods are used.

“SILIS, get addicted. Make the world more SILIS”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
1 size (60 diameter)
Average Wholesale Price
Under € 25 / £ 25
15% agent; 30% distributor
Collection Size
50-60 pieces per collection
Competitive to
Hipanema - Les Georgettes - Melano - Bronzalure- Ti Sento - Michael Kors - Guess - IXXXI jewelry
Country of Origin