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Scrumpies of Mayfair was founded by British wife and husband team Vicki and Ian who both retired from successful careers as international corporate lawyers to fulfil their long-held ambition of bringing alive the Scrumpies' dream. Their vision for Scrumpies of Mayfair was to turn an everyday essential into a beautiful and collectable piece as fine jewelry.

The Scrumpies' design team wanted to design undies of the finest quality and which make the wearer look and feel as beautiful as the undies themselves. Every aspect of the product is scrutinised to ensure the highest level of quality – be it the fabric, the trims, the packaging and the manufacturing itself. Instead of traditional fabrics, British silk, French lace, Czech crystal are sourced. Exclusive prints are carefully created by hand by a skilled print designer. Each piece comes packaged in a box styled to be reminiscent of a jewelry box. 

Designed in London, Scrumpies of Mayfair takes its name from the verb to "scrump": to steal apples from the tree. The Scrumpies' dream brings a little fun to the everyday.  Every Scrumpies' piece is named after a specific apple and takes that apple as its essential identity. Each design comes with a charm in the shape of an apple core and the color of the crystals on each charm matches the design of the underwear. The aim is for the charms to become collectibles and to be attached to key rings or hand bags showing membership of the Scrumpies' club. 

Currently, the brand offers 9 designs in 5 sizes, with a substantial back up stock ready for immediate delivery. Another four designs are in production and aimed to be at the lower end of the price range.




“Scrumpies' undies are designed to be fun, sparkly and confidence inspiring. The world's most beautiful underwear. ”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
4 to 12 (USA size)
Average Wholesale Price
$30 - $100
Collection Size
9 pieces per collection
Country of Origin
United Kingdom