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PERSPECTIVE collections have always been manufactured by the same company who now has over 40 years of expertise in quality craftsmanship. The brand has quickly and accurately adapted to the trends of the dynamic world of fashion.

PERSPECTIVE targets the social fashion-focused urban women aged between 25-40. The brand has become a global seller, with a huge presence in the European market. PERSPECTIVE creates the most distinguished image that suits all areas of life, from the businesswoman to luxury holidays and parties. PERSPECTIVE offers high quality, innovative and captivating designs, as well as a boutique service and feel from start to finish at an affordable price point.

PERSPECTIVE took its place in the market in 2000; and thanks to its the modern and original concept PERSPECTIVE's collections meet customers in more than 100 points in 42 different countries.


“We produce the whole outfit, from start to finish ” Director, PERSPECTIVE

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Two main collections and add-ons during seasons.
European Size 36 - 44 (46 may be added)
Average Wholesale Price
£32 / €35
agent commission is 10% - 12.5%; distributor discount is 30%.
Collection Size
300 pieces excluding shoes, bags and accessories
Competitive to
Massimo Dutti for price, Max Mara for quality
Sits next to
Whistles, Max and Co, Massimo Dutti
Country of Origin