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Established in 1983, Out of Xile creates occasion wear and mother of the bride garments. It is a premium quality, luxury brand, with every garment designed, stitched, dyed and finished in England.

Fabrics are made from natural yarn and dyed to create a tonal look, which makes the brand immediately recognizable. Dresses and separates can be mixed up and matched. Linens, Silks, Organza, Velvet, Chenille, Cottons, Satin are some of the fabrics used.

Out of Xile is now looking to expand its business in Europe and in particular France and Benelux and overseas, in Canada.


“A relaxed lifestyle and an effortlessly chic look is our aim. The tight edit and the simple luxury feel, make Out of Xile a collection which is as easy to buy as it is to wear. ” - Lara Bakridan, designer and owner

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
1 to 5 (EU size: 36 to 44)
Average Wholesale Price
€ 80 - €150
CAD$ 120 – CAD$ 230
Agent commission:12.5% / Distributor Discount: 25% +
Collection Size
SS Collection: 70 pieces; FW Collection: 50 pieces
Competitive to
Grizas, Ralston, Ewa I Walla, Crea Concept, Oska, Two Danes.
Country of Origin
United Kingdom