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Orientique, Australia’s leading cotton print label since 1976, prides itself on its vibrant and distinguishable prints and attention to detail. Orientique boasts strong relationships with suppliers, all of which have worked with Orientique for many years, and has used this strong foundation to steadily expand the brand worldwide. Clothing is manufactured using natural cotton fibres carefully selected from some of the world’s finest mills, and Orientique cotton, linen, and rayon is woven specifically for the company. All natural garments boast the label ‘Orientique Naturally Australian.’

Every Orientique print is an original creation turned out by design teams in Milan, Paris, Como and London. Garment sizes range from 36 – 50 and all silhouettes are stringently tested on fit models. Summer collections are built around cotton/viscose woven and winter collections around cotton/viscose knits.

The company has existing accounts in Europe, New Zealand, USA and Canada, as well as leading the market in Australia. Orientique proudly supports small to medium-sized fashion boutiques and independent retail businesses.


“Naturally Australian”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
36 - 50
Average Wholesale Price
T-shirts : £13 / 15€
Dresses £33 / 36€
Tunics £25 / 28€
Blouses £20 / 22€
12% agent (negotiable); distributor discount 35%
Collection Size
200 Summer, 150 Winter
Competitive to
Pomodoro, Adini, Lily & Me, Desigual
Country of Origin