Nilaï Paris is a French jewellery brand taking its name from its designer ‘Nilay’ and handcrafted in the Parisian atelier (studio).

Inspired from lights and colours of Asian and Middle East countries, the brand has a ‘bohemian chic’ look and an exotic twist. With a mix of colours and materials, pieces are designed to be either worn alone or to be mixed and matched. Collections are made with semi-precious gemstones and finished with silver, rose gold and 24K karat.

Nilaï Paris counts on a strong social media base (over 10,000 followers on Instagram) as well as on an established distribution network. The brand has now more than 650 points of sale (department stores and airlines) in 15 countries including, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, China and is sold on airlines too. 


Brand Profile

Average Wholesale Price
€ 10 – € 30
Distributor discount: 30%
Collection Size
About 600 articles
Country of Origin