As part of a family owned entreprise, and with 45 years of experience, Marie Méro is now in the list of the top Belgian labels, with 180 selling points in its home country.

Marie Méro is a total look collection for women, with a well-balanced feminine feel. The collection is aimed at ladies looking for class and elegance. Its style is perfectly suited to festive occasions, but is equally suitable for everyday situations. Marie Méro is a mid-high price range brand presenting two collections a year (summer and win­­­ter collection).


“She wears a smile because she wears Marie Méro”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 collections
German size: 34 – 46
French/Belgian size: 36 - 48
Average Wholesale Price
€ 50
12% agent
Collection Size
250 pieces per collection
Competitive to
Basler, James Lakeland, Frank Lyman
Country of Origin