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LouLou Essentiels brings together fashion and functionality in an extensive collection of leather bags and accessories inspired by the ‘chic Paris' of the ’50s. From classy clutches to business bags to versatile backpacks. All bags and wallets are handmade and ethically produced.

Four collections are launched every year to keep up with trends. Pieces are available in many colors from the classic black to the neon pink. An extensive collection of bags, purses and small leather accessories with clever design, where each detail is not only stylish, but also functional. Various storage compartments for pieces that are fashionable and efficient at the same time.  The ‘Smart Little Bag’ is the signature product: a wallet with a clutch grip, mirror and a compartment for a smartphone. More than 300,000 pieces have been sold already.

Founded in 2010, LouLou Essentiels now has about 700 stockists across Europe and plans further growth. 

“LouLou Essentiels: Practical and beautiful, with a nostalgic touch of Paris from the 50’s.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
€ 25 - € 80
Agent: 10% -12.5% verhandelbar; Verteilerrabatt: verhandelbar
Collection Size
90 – 120
Competitive to
Fabienne Chapot
Country of Origin