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The WRAP by LEMON MINT is a new, original and unique beachwear concept: one size only, 3 ways to wear it and 16 flashy colors for 3 stunning effects!

Stretch fabric makes this garment adjustable to every body shape. One year-round collection, with new colors and patterns following global trends.           

Launched in 2016, the WRAP by Lemon Mint collection is already sold in Asia (Singapore, Maldives, Japan, Malaysia), Middle-East (Dubai and UAE) and in Central and Northern Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark). The brand is now looking for further expansion in Europe and Australia; stock is carried in Europe (Belgium) as well as in Singapore and Dubai.



“The WRAP by lemon Mint: 3 in 1… Wrap it your way!”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
1 size fits all! Tested and adopted by all types of body shape.
Average Wholesale Price
Under $ 30 / € 25
Agent commission: 12.5%; Distributor discount: 30%
Collection Size
12 plain colors + 4 patterns
Competitive to
Sarongs, Cover Ups, Beachwear brands
Country of Origin
United Arab Emirates