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Le Carose is an Italian jewellery and accessories luxury brand that targets confident and bold teenagers and 20-30’s women.

The brand’s most loved items are the necklace dolls in either gold or silver, embellished with natural pearls and semiprecious stones/jewels. The brand tries to attract a wide range of customers by providing different interpretations of femininity, from the chic and sparkling Cocò Chanel doll to the more casual one, wearing a denim skirt and walking a dog.

Additionally, the brand has also tried to reach nostalgic women by launching a watches’ collection whose product lines are inspired by the iconic Federico Fellini’s films, such as ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘8 e mezzo’.

As a consequence of the fast international-growth Le Carose has witnessed over the last few years, all the collections now present, along with necklaces, bronze, gold or silver bracelets and earrings adorned with hearts, stars and cross pendants as well as stones and multi-colored pom pom cotton balls.

In order to make each item unique, since last year customers can customize their dolls according to their personal styles and names so as to co-create a piece of jewellery that is the expression of their inner selves.

Within the home-country, aside from mono-brand shops, the brand sells its products through 1,500 jewellery retailer partners. On an international level instead, Le Carose is already well-known in more than 15 countries, to which it would now like to add the UK, Ireland and the US to its existing accounts.



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