Studying fashion in America, Paris and London has given IDMA-NOF founder Mfon Ogbonna the practical skills to carry out her fashion dreams.  With her ladieswear line, Ogbonna tells highly crafted stories of her native Nigeria and of the world through bold, bright fabrics and cuts.  Designed in Nigeria and made in Europe The AW17 collection was based around school uniforms and motifs, promoting the rich importance of education through intensely stylish clothes.  After a successful beginning in Lagos, Nigeria, IDMA-NOF is looking to expand into America, where the brand has won several awards already.  Collections are small and very manageable.



“The story told by our clothes is a blend of art and fashion with cultural and social themes, narrated via craftsmanship.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
6 - 14
Average Wholesale Price
Dresses: USD$300 -$350
Jackets: USD $200 -$300
Shirts: USD $250
Blouses: USD $230
Skirts: USD $140 - $200
Pants: USD $150
12.5% rep; 30% showroom, both negotiable
Collection Size
12 - 15
Competitive to
Sacai, Richard Malone, Koché, Edda
Country of Origin