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British urban chic casualwear for women aged 30+ aiming at comfortable but trendy clothes at affordable prices. The collection is made of sweatpants, sweat tops, soft dresses and tops. It replies to a more and more consistent women’s need: wearing comfortable, accessible, with nice quality fabric as they are travelling more nowadays. This versatile collection is also suitable for after sport, work or a long day with the kids.

Materials are carefully selected to provide contrast and texture in a minimalist contemporary style, incorporating urban chic and comfort. Designs are made in London and manufacturing is carried in Europe.

The brand seeks now representation in Canada/ Ireland. It can work intertwined with other middle-high fashion labels and it can be incorporated in a corner within existing boutiques.


“Simplicity is the essence of all true style.” Olivia Kursar

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
XS, S, M, L
Average Wholesale Price
Dresses: €35/ CAD$52
Trousers: €35/ CAD$52
Sweaters: €30/ CAD$45
Tops: €20/ CAD$30
Jackets: €33/ CAD$49
Coats: €72/ CAD$107
10 – 15% agent; 30% distributor discount
Collection Size
45 articles per collection
Competitive to
Grey lad, Mint Velvet, Swedish-Annsofieback, Bjornborg, Ahlens, Filippa-k, Selected Femme,,,
Country of Origin
United Kingdom