iXXXi Jewelry uses an innovative system that allows you to create your unique jewelry design thanks to interchangeable pieces: elegant, edgy, romantic, robust or vibrant…  all to your own choices and tastes. A base ring, made of stainless steel, has to be filled with smaller rings at your discretion. Product categories include chains, bracelets, and earrings too with pieces perfect for the entire family. The consumer target group is impressively wide. With an excellent price to value ratios, the Dutch iXXXi is suitable for multibrand stores and it is able to offer high ROI on small surface. The brand preforms perfectly in fashion stores and boutiques.

iXXXi is seeking distributors in Italy, Sweden and Switzerland with larger discounts on offer to any sales representatives willing to hold stock.  The company itself also holds all products in stock for immediate delivery.



“iXXXi Jewelry: Endless Switching and Combining! Your Taste, Your Combination!”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
4: 2 main, 2 limited collections
Dutch sizes 16 – 21; 50 - 66
Average Wholesale Price
6.75€ - 7€ / 65SEK – 68SEK
Distributor that does not hold stock: 30% - Distributor that holds stock: 40%
Collection Size
approx. 3000 pieces
Competitive to
Bering, Pandora, Nomination
Country of Origin