Farra new logo

Farra is the creation of Donna LIU, recognized as one of the leading designer on the current Hong Kong scene. Her high aesthetic standards ensure the best design quality. The result is unique: pieces expressing positive emotions, purity and simplicity thanks to warm colours and clear designs.

 This made in Japan jewellery brand offers exclusive products at very attractive prices. Farra is sold in the USA already and they are now looking to expand in the UK market.



“Feel happy, feel loved.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
10 - 20 collections
Regular fashion jewellery sizes
Average Wholesale Price
Earrings: £20
Bracelets: £25
Necklaces: £30 - £140
Agent commission:10 - 15%; Distributor discount: 30 - 40%
Collection Size
5-8 articles p/ collection
Competitive to
Jil d Hostun, Chan Luu, Bernd Wolf, Ann On, The Island Pearls, Bh Water Jewels, Fairchild Baldwin, Stones That Rock
Country of Origin
Hong Kong