Elinette LOGO

Established in 1977 and with regular and consistent press coverage, Elinette makes suits, dresses, jackets, and more for 35+ women, in the finest materials with superb fit.  Elinette counts on in-house design and on production in own factories, which ensures control of the entire manufacturing process.

In addition to two main collections and two smaller ones, Elinette offers NOS program. 


“Because we produce everything ourselves in our own factories, we can deliver 100%.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 main collections; 2 smaller collections; NOS collections
34 - 54
Average Wholesale Price
CAD$ 60
Collection Size
80 Styles for main collections; 30 Styles for smaller collections
Competitive to
Karen Millen, Frank Lyman, Betty Barcley, Joseph Ripkoff
Country of Origin