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Urbanite British designer Patrick Dabra has collected experience and accolades from the UK to Asia. As consultant and designer, his work has appealed to clients from Mariah Carey to Lancome, Armani and Givenchy. Dabra London creates wonderfully jazzy apparel from dresses, shirts, blouses, and skirts to trousers, suits, and outerwear for women.

Competitive options maximise profit margins; forward selling and quick delivery are offered. Collections in varying quantities are available and garments are made up to UK size 22. Styles can be tweaked in personalised colour and silhouette options in collaboration with a distributor. Further, Dabra London is happy to discuss creating pieces or ranges to further tailor offerings to the specifications of the Italian market and sell numbers. 


“Trends are optional, but Style is essential.” Director, Dabra London

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
8 – 22 UK
Average Wholesale Price
€27 - €85
30% Distributor discount
Collection Size
Competitive to
Aqua by Aqua, Solace London, Comptoir des Cotonniers
Sits next to
THREE FLOOR, Rare London
Country of Origin
United Kingdom