Created from a very personal belief in doing things our own way and fighting for them till the very end, Confusion Wear “My Way” is a line of urban, skate, and streetwear. Starting with T-shirts sold to friends and acquaintances and now stretching to hoodies, shirts, pants, shorts, and accessories, these garments are top quality articles to be worn again and again.

CNF has created a product called Jacombin – a sweatshirt with a changeable hood and sleeves. The Jacombin and CNF is doing very well in the Spanish market where CNF started, they are now looking to spread their clothes and message into Scandinavia and the UK in partnership with the right sales representatives.


“We want to express our way of understanding life on our clothes. Loyalty, honor, rebellion, self-improvement, madness, and death itself. My Way.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
Tees: 13€ / £11
Hoodies: 21€ / £18
14% agent; 30% distributor
Collection Size
35 - 50
Competitive to
Volcom, Adidas Originals, Grimey, DC, Nike SB, Dickies, Carhartt
Country of Origin