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C-ZANN E is a successful fusion of Korean fashion heritage and international fashion trends. The traditional ‘Hanbok’ costume design motif is combined with the leading avant-garde and minimalist global trends. The result is a unique womenswear collection with sophisticated and simple lines.

Sewing techniques, fabrics and materials are typically Korean. Some of the unique fabrics used are the 100% Douppion silk, the Oksa silk as well as alpaca or baby lama. Also, traditional embroidery details and digital printing with Korean motifs adds to the brand’s heritage.

C-ZANN E shows in Paris, New York, Seoul and Shanghai regularly. The brand already exports to other Asian and North American markets, as well as in some European countries. Next step for this Korean womenswear collection is to find the perfect sales partner in France. 



“In essence, the final element of our design is always the person wearing it.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 main collections; 2 capsule collections
Average Wholesale Price
€ 250
Collection Size
Main collections: 70 styles; Capsule collections: 20-30 styles
Competitive to
Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens
Country of Origin
South Korea