Founded in 1969, the Dutch family-owned BULAGGI is now an internationally recognized ladies’ handbags and accessories brand. Throughout the years, BULAGGI has secured itself a solid position in the international fashion world. The business has become justly famous for its wide range and perfect integration of colours and high-grade materials, which always chime perfectly with the latest trends.

From casual to occasion bags and accessories, BULAGGI understands what women want. Bags stand out thanks to their perfect balance between functionality and design. Luxurious extras and attention to detail ensure that every bag exudes an unrivalled richness.

Already selling in many European countries as well as Middle East, this well-known brand is now looking for representation in UK (South West) and Germany (Nord Rhein Westfalen). Stock is always available and early delivery is offered. A NOS programme is guaranteed for clutches.


“BULAGGI: Desire within Reach”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 main and 2 flash collections
Average Wholesale Price
€25 - €29
Agent commission: 13%
Collection Size
Main collection: 80-90 styles: Flash collections: about 10 styles
Competitive to
Fiorelli, Suri Frey, Gabor
Country of Origin