BRAEZ is a comfortable collection for both men and women from Amsterdam. Rene, founder and designer with a natural sense of fashion, one day had the intuition of creating a cozy trendy variation of his cargo pants. This was a huge success, followed by a complete BRAEZ collection.

Comfort, accessibility and style are combined in each BRAEZ piece, ranging from pants and shorts to dresses and sweaters. In addition to own shops, the collection is sold in some well-known retailers such as Perfectly Basics, in Netherlands.


“The softest garment on the earth”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
XS-XL (Possibility to expand if there is enough request)
Average Wholesale Price
€37 / £33
12.5% agent commission; 30% distributor discount
Collection Size
45 articles per collection
Competitive to
American Vintage - Majestic - Penn and Ink - 10DAYS
Country of Origin