Aunts & Uncles is a German family business producing leather bags, wallets and other accessories for both men and women. New designs are continuously developed and old ones improved. All with a combination of tradition and Zeitgeist’ (trends). From the small bracelet to the large suitcase, each product is ethically handmade.  

The brand motto “styled with care” is referred not only to the design and its details but also to the production conditions. Aunts & Uncles ethical foundations are based on fair working and social atmosphere as well as on ecological responsibilityThe growth of this company never happens at the expense of partners or quality. 

The brand only works with carefully selected high standard manufacturers in India and ItalyEnvironment and social responsibility are guaranteed thanks to a long-term partnership and a personal closeness to production facilities as well as through monitor and certification of international standards for quality, health, safety 

The brand is well developed with more than 1000 selected retailers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Scandinavia and now wants to focus on other European countries such as France and Italy.


“Styled with care”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 ; large selection of standards always in stock
Average Wholesale Price
Wallets, belts: below 25 €
Smaller bags: € 25 - € 80
Larger bags € 80 - € 150
Agent commission: 10% -13% negotiable; Distributor discount: 30% negotiable
Collection Size
About 180 styles
Country of Origin