Art of Scribble is a new successful Korean brand, with simple and fun designs. It focuses on comfort and the design team uses a humorous approach to the everyday life, by taking what catches their attention in the streets or other public places and revising it in a “fun” way.

T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are grouped according to two visual effects. The first one has a ‘sun-tech’ print which is visible when exposed to sunlight (or UV-light); the second group has a ‘luminous’ print which glows in the dark.

The brand has a strong international presence, already selling in notable retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, and Bloomingdales across USA, Canada, Middle East, Russia, Japan, HK, China, Singapore, France, Italy. 


“In this fast-paced life, there is something that can give you a short break – Scribble!”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
€15 - €20; $15 - $25
Agent commission: 12%; Distributor discount: 30% negotiable
Collection Size
50 articles
Country of Origin
South Korea