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This is the time to sell Canadian brands as currently there is no duty on imports between Canada and the EU. Yoga Jeans is a deeply Canadian label. Brothers Eric and Jacob Wazana set out to make the most comfortable jeans in the world – and they succeeded.  Inspired by childhood memories of scuffing up a brand-new pair of jeans till they were felt to be wearable, the Wazana brothers seek a sense of rightness in everything they do with their company. That includes handcrafting in their native Canada, a hard-won strategy that has helped them become the largest jeans manufacturer in the country.  Environmentally friendly processes and conscious materials are used from start to finish.

Yoga Jeans are successfully sold worldwide and are seeking additional sales representatives. Yoga Jeans make all women of all types feel good. Technological innovations have helped the Wazanas take apart traditional denim patterns and put it all back together, much improved.  They have added an unique diagonal stretch; shape memory denim; a fabric that stays true to your curves all day long; and an exclusive multi-piece ergonomic waistband, which all add up to great fit.  Yoga Jeans come in a wide variety of cuts and styles; there is truly something for every woman in each collection.  As well as denim jeans, Yoga Jeans makes denim dresses, denim skirts, denim jackets, and pants in ponte, suede, and other fabrics.


“So comfortable and flexible you can practice yoga in them.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2; 1 core line available year-round
24 – 34, XS – XL
Average Wholesale Price
£61 / 71€ / ₩89,740
12.5% agent; 30% distributor discount
Collection Size
Seasonal collections: 25 – 30 Core line: 20 – 25
Competitive to
Other jeans brands
Sits next to
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