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The name Solito is derived from the names of the children of an European family of world travelers. That spirit imbues Solito scarves – made in the heart of Europe, but always true to Asian and African roots as well. Solito scarves aim to bring wearers joy and happiness in people who wear them. Solito offers large scarves in cotton, poly silk, poly wool, and cashmere for women to wrap warmly and stylishly around themselves. With four different patterns featured in each corner of every scarf and two different decorative tapes used, a Solito scarf looks like a new piece when tied differently. Solito scarves also double up very well on the beach. 

Design looks to current trends and colours while also staying true to constant inspirations.  Oriental prints are often incorporated. Only 200 pieces of each style are made. Many styles are kept in stock; quick delivery available.


“Are you in the Solito mood?”

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€30 - €42
£25 - £35
₽1817 - ₽2546
Agent commission: 12.5% agent / Distributor discount: 30%
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Foulards Shanna, Hypnochic
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