RÜGA is a casual knitwear brand, offering clothing in rich colours and fun motifs for everyday life. Their varied collections include: tunics, sweaters, dresses, ponchos, skirts, jumpsuits, jeans, blouses, footwear, etc. Producing only top quality collections, RÜGA is proud of its made in Portugal privilege.

Both in Portugal and abroad, RÜGA is available at multi-brand stores. Besides national territory, RÜGA is selling in 13 other European countries including Ireland and the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain.


“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” Director, RÜGA

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 main collections and 2 flash collections (high summer and Christmas
2 sizes (S/M and M/L) + unique size for knitwear
Average Wholesale Price
€25 / CAD$40
Collection Size
Competitive to
Vero Moda
Sits next to
Tifossi, Vero Moda, Only, Silvian Heach, Salsa, Fracomina
Country of Origin