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In 1998, leading NZ stylist and designer Paula Ryan had her aha moment when she saw that women were in need of simple, durable essentials with stretch that would become the underpinnings of wardrobes.  The Paula Ryan Essentials brand, in black and white, was launched to meet this need, which it does very successfully. Neckline shapes, sleeve lengths, and finished lengths provide diverse options for each garment and lend themselves easily to layering. The Paula Ryan Fashion Collection launched in 2002 to complement the earlier collection and take women from everyday to occasion.

A worldwide search for natural fibres with superior qualities resulted in NZ Merino, Italian MicroModal, Italian Microjersey, and Viscose being used in all Paula Ryan garments.  The myriad qualities offered by these fabrics can be summed up under breathability, sustainability, and performance. 50 trans-seasonal essentials are always in stock. Paula Ryan stretch classics are enhanced by minimal Paula Ryan accessories, which complete the look.
Paula Ryan garments are sold all over New Zealand and Australia.  The brand is now seeking UK sales representation.


“The magic is in the fabric”

Brand Profile

Paula Ryan delights in providing personal highlights of each collection and in being the very public face of the collection through media spots, personal appearances, and seminar tours.  Her personal style is mirrored clearly in the clothes that she turns out.  Paula Ryan’s practical mind, warmth, and love of the good life can be seen in the way she describes the collection to women.  Lightweight jackets are “just the weight of your favourite glass of champagne” and are “great little travelers”.

Collections P/A
2 and all-year-round core collection of essentials
8 - 18
Average Wholesale Price
12.5% agent; 25% distributor
Collection Size
Country of Origin
New Zealand