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Otto Kessler uses only the most elaborate type of sewing techniques - the hand seam - still today gloves are completely sewn by hand. 

Only with needle and thread, the seamstress sews one pair of gloves with about 1.800 single stitches. Decorative details like ornamental seams, braiding and other applications are still handcrafted just as 200 years ago. To provide warmth throughout the winter there is lining trapped in the gloves. 

Otto Kessler starts with the control and careful selection of each skin, to stretching, matching and cutting the supple leathers by hand; followed by the application of ornaments and metal accessories. No less than fifteen pairs of hands have invested their utmost care into Otto Kessler’s products. 

They make sure that expert handling and well-trained eyes deliver the love to detail that the brand promotes, to create a quality product which will match your highest expectations with regards to comfort and design. 

“Before any pair of gloves leaves our house more than twenty different production-steps have been applied”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
1 Season Winter
Mens : 8-11 (XS _ XXXL) Womens : 6-8 ½ (XS- XXL)
Average Wholesale Price
€10 - €60
US$12 - US$70
Agent commission: 12%; Distributor discount: negotiable
Collection Size
60 styles (each various colours)
Country of Origin