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Molliolli is modern Korean fashion brand that cares about animals and environment, supports ethical consumption and world-wide eco-trends. They add new energy to the alternative fur field with remarkable design and style. Molliolli is trying to break away from the stale and unethical nature of existing real fur. The brand has acquired certificate from PeTA, the world’s largest animal protection organization. Molliolli is finished product line of Donglim Co. Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of highest quality artificial fur fabrics branded as Tissavel TM. It allows designers and craftsmen of Molliolli garments to use the most diverse colors and patterns of eco-fabric and implement the most sophisticated design solutions.

Molliolli brand is popular in Asia and becomes popular in USA. Now we are happy to present Molliolli in Europe, supporting highly important eco-trends. Let’s protect the precious life of animals by using artificial fur.

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
S, M, L, XL
Average Wholesale Price
25 - 80 EUR
30% distributor discount
Collection Size
25-40 articles
Competitive to
Jakke, Shrimps, Unreal Fur
Country of Origin
South Korea