Loom & Lace is a young fashion brand from Amsterdam. The clothing is also selling in a growing number of stores throughout the Netherlands and Germany – and they are now looking to expand into different European markets. 

Warm cardigans, elegant dresses, fine sweaters and comfortable pants are part of the collection, targeting working women with a good career who like to stand out with their wardrobe and make easy mix and match outfits. 

What makes Loom & Lace so unique is the diversity of clothing styles. Their customers come for both a business outfit and comfortable clothing.


Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2 collections – 7 deliveries
Average Wholesale Price
Under 25 EUR
25-80 EUR
Agent commission 13%
Collection Size
40-60 styles
Competitive to
Geisha, Tramontana, Yaya, Zilch, Summum
Country of Origin