The YV Brands company offers quality jewellery at accessible prices. All products are hand-made.

Established in 1992, ‘Kyoto Pearl’ is a classic, affordable and genuine freshwater pearl jewellery collection. The membership with the British Pearl Association gives the brand a stable position as trustworthy manufacturers of pearl jewellery. The brand is currently sold in more than 50 countries in a wide range of retailers: traditional bricks and mortar, online, and premium duty-free shops.

‘Aura’ is a newer brand partnered with the Swarovski® Ingredients Program and born with the aim of offering key essential jewellery pieces at the highest quality and at affordable prices.

The YV Brands count on 25 years’ manufacturing experience and 40 years’ experience in sales as well as excellent logistics and marketing departments to support sales partners.


Visit brands websites: KYOTO PEARL & AURA


Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Average Wholesale Price
Under € 25, Under AUD $ 40
12.5 %
Collection Size
200 SKU
Competitive to
Kyoto Pearl: no competitors; Aura: Swarovski®
Country of Origin
United Kingdom