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One of the oldest and best-known brands for women in Finland, Aino is a family business that has turned out interesting, unusual wovens very much influenced by Finnish heritage since the early 90s.  All garments are made using environmentally friendly materials of the highest qualityDesigns will outlast passing trends; Aino is especially proud of its durable, colourful coats and the playful feeling of its clothing.  

Aino has an established base of longtime customers all around the world, including North America as well as Europe. The brand is currently seeking sales representation in the UK.  Reorders on best-selling pieces is possible.


“Aino is joy. Aino is functionality. Aino is colour.”

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
XS - XXL, some loose fit models only S-M-L-XL, some basics XS - 3XL
Average Wholesale Price
Tunics: £36 - £72
Jackets: £40 - £76
Coats: £108 - £171
10% - 12% agent; 30% distributor
Collection Size
60 - 80
Competitive to
Masai, OSKA, Crea, Sahara
Country of Origin