Reykjavik Raincoats is a Scandinavian brand from Iceland specialised on the design and production of 100% waterproof rubberised cotton raincoats. Vintage-inspired product lines characterised by clean, unisex cut design such as Parka and Flare coats along with Anoraks and multi-coloured classic “Jokers”. Plus size also available.

The brand name is the homonym of the city of Reykjavik, whose rainy and windy weather significantly influences the brand style. For this reason and to ensure high-quality production, the brand designs its collections in the home-country and produces them in Europe.

The company, founded just 4 years ago has already been able to enter the Danish market – highly fashionable among Scandinavian countries. The brand is now ready to expand further into the US and Canadian markets to gain international recognition.



Brand Profile

Collections P/A
1 (whole year collection)
Average Wholesale Price
USD $90 - $170 / CAD $120 - $230
Rep commission: 12.5 % negotiable; Distributor discount: 30 % negotiable
Competitive to
Ilse Jacobsen, Rains, Stutterheim
Country of Origin