LADC Paris is a relatively new outerwear brand producing on-trend bombers, biker, flight jackets and more in leather and premium material (python) for both men and women.

A wide colour range is the brand’s unique selling point: more than 200 colours, ranging from the classic black to the funky green & colour mix. In addition to the contemporary and competitive line, the brand offers Premium and customized lines too.

After just one year, LADC Paris can be found in more than 150 multi-brand shops across France and attends all major European tradeshows. The brand is now ready to start its expansion plan starting with Belgium, UK and Russia.



Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Women: XS – XXL
Men: S – 3XL
Average Wholesale Price
€ 80 – € 100
£ 75 – £ 90
₽ 6,000 – ₽ 7,500
Agent commission: 12.5%; Distributor discount: 30%
Collection Size
A/W: 50/60 styles (women); 30 styles (men). S/S: 30/40 styles (women); 15/20 styles (men).
Competitive to
Serge Pariente, Oakwood, Tygha
Country of Origin