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The garments are of extremely high quality. These are being produced in Portugal alongside luxury labels from the same factories - so the quality is there. They use very fine finishing techniques like carbon finishing and silicone based graphics, with extremely fine fabrics. Going forward the collections will be very “theme based”. They like the idea of creating small focused collections that people can buy into. Expect very different pieces going forward intertwined within these pieces. The ethos behind the brand is to deliver next-level luxury at what they would deem just a rung above “normal/affordable/more accessible” brands producing garments in roughly the same price bracket without necessarily having the quality behind them. Opening up the market where quality and luxury can be had for the right prices.



Brand Profile

Collections P/A
EU sizing - XS,S,M,L
Average Wholesale Price
25 - 80 EUR
Distributor discount: 30% negotiable
Collection Size
7 pieces
Competitive to
Resort Corps, Daily Paper
Country of Origin