Son de Flor offers 100% premium quality linen apparel and accessories for women and girls. The classic design makes the collections timeless and hardly out of fashion.

All Son de Flor dresses are produced in small quantities and hand assembled in local factories in Lithuania, the brand’s home country, complying to all the fair production and trade requirements of the industry. Indeed, the brand is Oeko-tex certified, meaning that product are free of harmful chemicals. Customization is possible upon request; delivery timing and quantity are flexible.

Son de Flor has strong photography as visual support and has an excellent social media base, with over 60K followers on Instagram. 



“In times of hectic rush and change, Son de Flor is about slowing down. Coming back home. Sharing laughs around the dining table. About no need to be better nor faster. No chase of the seasons, no new nor old trends. Time-less. Feminine. Charming. Subtle. ” Son de Flor Team

Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Winter collection: S (XS – XS/S); M (S – M); L (L – XXL)
Average Wholesale Price
$ 30 - $ 100 / ¥ 3,200 - ¥ 13,000
Agent commission: 12.5%; Distributor discount: 30%. Both negotiable
Collection Size
6 new articles; 3-4 new colours for previous models
Competitive to
LinenFox, NotPerfectLinen, OffOn Clothing
Country of Origin