Naudic logo square

Naudic is a free-spirited Australian womenswear brand that celebrates the collision of exotic colors and flowers with cultural prints on their loose-style clothing.

For instance, the ‘Nowhere’ high-summer 18/19 collection is a mixture of maxi dresses, tunics, tops and camisoles featuring embroidery floral prints and patterns, from hibiscus to calypso and cornflowers to apple blossoms; all available in blue navy, white or pink and in a wide range of sizes, up to 6XL.

Additionally, the distinctive sign of Naudic’s collection is that it tailors the silhouettes and features of its dresses according to a few cities their customers will be travelling to during that particular season, from Sao Paolo to Cyprus, Barcelona and many more.

The 10-year-old brand is already well-established in the home-country and in New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden. Consequently, it is now actively reaching out to expand further in the US and Canada so as to consolidate its global reach. 



Brand Profile

Collections P/A
Up to 6XL for special orders
Average Wholesale Price
USD $ 30 - $ 90 / CAD $ 40 - $ 120
12.5% - 15%
Collection Size
600 on average - Up to 100 in Winter Collection
Competitive to
One Season, Holiday Clothing, Ruby Yaya, Jaase, Tigerlily and Odd Molly
Country of Origin