Krimson Klover is a womenswear brand committed to slow fashion, quality and sustainability. The focus is on knitwear, outdoor and active sportswear.  Superior-quality natural yarns and fabrics are sourced from around the world sustainably. Local illustrators are commissioned for one-of-a-kind prints and patterns.

Founder Rhonda Swenson has a passion for fashion and sweaters that started when her grandmother taught her to knit at the age of 9. She then turned her reputation as "the Sweater Girl" into a 15-year career as a designer and business owner.


Brand Profile

Collections P/A
2. A/W and S/S
Average Wholesale Price
€ 80 - € 150
Few items above € 150
Distributor discount: 30% negotiable
Competitive to
Newlands, Smartwool, Kari Traa, Dale of Norway
Country of Origin
United States