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Your Action Points for 2021

February 3, 2021
Author: Jasmine Waters

Lockdown 3.0 is a particularly difficult – and possibly unexpected - obstacle we’ve had to add to our pile of ‘things to navigate’. Although we’re already at the end of the first month of the year, some brands and business owners may still feel at a loss for where their priorities should be. However, as much as change defined 2020, adaptation was right up there with it. Here’s a list of key action points to see you and your brand through 2021.

Be open to re-branding

A lot has happened socially in an extremely short space of time, meaning the landscape is unrecognisable – and probably yet to settle. The new need to be in tune with your consumers and the wider community has led to a surge of corporate re-branding, with digitalisation leading to those looking to modernise their image. Digital marketing spends are projected to make up 45% of total ad spend in 2021, so knowing where to place the most emphasis in an omnichannel approach is essential. If you’re looking to shift your shape, include your customer as much as possible throughout the process, not just at the end of it.

Be diverse

As we’ve touched on before, an extended, exclusive product range could be a vital way for a brand to be an essential visit on a consumer’s purchasing journey. A diverse product offering can not only assert your brand as a must-visit but can help to utilise the possible gaps in the product market. Garments that can be multi-functional or fit into categories that might be seen as recession-proof (e.g. leisurewear, home comforts) are both good bets, but don’t be afraid to stray from your original USP – cross-market collaborations can be successful, such as Kodak’s delve into pharmaceuticals.

Be strategic for Holidays

With nowhere to go and little to look forward to, holidays will be the true keystone of the calendar year. Make a brand holiday calendar to plan for those that are most significant to your brand and expand to those that aren’t. Helping your consumers create an experience to look forward to could be the winning connection to keep them coming back.

Be open to gift boxes and subscription

Although we are physically apart, we want to be closer together and more caring than ever before. A popular way to show this is through letterbox gifts and subscription, keeping excitement in the experience as well as bringing consumers together. How can your brand meet niche interests and create that unique unboxing experience? A monthly subscription of gift boxes could sustain interest and invest into your brand, while pouring energy into packaging could translate to digital success, with Instagram posting and unboxing a known popular practice. Bringing joy in an entire experience is what will consumers will look for to set the increasing online choice apart.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/@olyakobruseva


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